“Want to know what really goes on behind the scenes of the trading world?  Then Trading Vengeance is a must!  A spell-bounding novel webbed in a cornucopia of deception!”

David Vercruysse

President A102 Studios, Executive Director/Producer of Sunrise Recording and Film Productions, Executive Producer/Television Show: America is it a hit? and Executive Vice President of Forex Gold Markets.


“TRADING VENGENCE is a fictional story that is compelling in its own right, but knowing that it’s based on true events makes it more riveting. Even though things might seem like they are unraveling, Nick soon realizes that God does work in mysterious ways.

I find TRADING VENGENCE a must read for all and  most certainly for those who have turmoil in their lives. This story will show we all need to know that God is always there, especially when we most need him, all we have to do is ask.”

Scott-Arthur Allen
Past President-The Missouri Film Alliance of Springfield
Past President-Talent Managers Association Los Angeles CA
Executive Council/National Association of Artists Managers (NAAM).
Gentle-Force Artists Group Management/Los Angeles CA
Creative Actors Workshop/Los Angeles Ca.-Springfield, St Louis MO


“Faith in God, pointed in the right direction, can change our circumstances in life, as we see in Trading Vengeance.  Be inspired and challenged to overcome the worst life has to throw at you.”

Dr. David Gatlin, Founder and Executive Director of Genesis Food Bank

Bishop Paul Zink gives his thoughts on Global Sunrise Pictures movies: