A Note From The Author

Trading Vengeance is a story inspired by true events that involved my husband and I at our place of business.  Names have been changed and fictitious scenes have been woven throughout the story.  The book was written this way so I could tell my story about our good intentions to help many people through avenues of opportunity, education and charitable donations.  It also includes some of the lies, deception and fraud that we found ourselves surrounded by.

Some might ask the question, why the fictitious scenes?  This is for my protection against the officials involved in the true story that told me I could not write a book.  This is so they can remain in the shadows and behind the injustices of legal power, greed and the lack of accountability.


Trading Vengeance

A fictitious story about a man (Nick) who is a currency trader working at a brokerage.  It is a prosperous time in his life, not only for himself but also for his wife.  He is expecting a promotion however finds his trading accounts deficient in profits and as he searches for the problem to be solved he becomes entangled in a ring of deceit, deception, corporate theft and is wrongly charged for murder.  The story continues with his adjustment to prison life, divorce and a new friendship with one of the inmates.  The events of the brokerage and its employees continue to evolve until it is discovered that Nick did not murder anyone, which leads to a sting set up by the FBI.  Nick is finally released.  He goes back to the brokerage for revenge and finds love and the restoration of his former job along with a promotion as well as his wealth.  The story is inspired by true events.

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